Victop 7″ High Resolution Digital Photo Frame

Victop 7″ High Resolution Digital Photo Frame

Hey, it’s Bauer. We’ve got a couple of cool seven inch picture frames for you here. Both look very, very similar, but they’re actually quite a bit different and we’ll walk you through both of them. They are both very, very capable. What’s cool about these is they’re not really super expensive. They’re quite basic, they’re not going to do all kinds of extra stuff that you wouldn’t find in most pictures frames, but they’re a great value and they look really nice. You know, they don’t have these cheap wood frames, they have a nice metal-looking frame, they look really, really cool. Seven inches, this one here runs at 800 by 480, while this one over here is going to be running at 480 by 234. So that’s a big resolution difference, so depending on how clear you want your pictures to be, if you don’t mind your pictures looking a little more grainy on the screen, they still look really good, they still look really colorful, but if you don’t mind a little less resolution you can go with this one. If you’re looking for a higher resolution, a few more features, this is the one to check out. So let me go ahead and show you around the more high end one first, since there’s a lot more to show here. It does run at 800 by 480, it does music, it does photo and it does videos; and you can actually get to all those functions with this remote control right here. All you have to do is simply push your setup button. That’s going to give you all your various slide show effects that are available inside of this frame. It actually does very cool looking presentations. As you can see, there are lots of different effects that you can use in here when you are designing your slideshows and running them on your frame. As well, as you can see, we also have the option to do music and video. If we load up, we actually don’t have any videos on this card, but you can set up music and video playlists on this frame, so that you can play your music and watch your videos right on this thing. In fact it will to MP4 and it will do AVIs for your videos, the ones that you want to load on there, so make sure the format is the right one when you are trying to do that. You can also control your volume, because you can play music behind your slideshows as well; and you can get to your various functions with this remote control, which makes it really, really handy. On the top here, look at this, this is where you are going to find all your buttons, this is what makes all the magic happen here. You got a play button over here, a combo button, which is going to let you combine your various elements, your going to be able to combine your music, and your videos, and your slideshow into a presentation, you have video, you have photo and you have music, right over here. So they’re all right here along the top of this frame. You’re going to be able to get to all of that stuff. Now, on this side here, this is where you’re actually going to find your SD card slot right here and your compact flash card slot right here. So it will take compact flash as a storage medium, and USB is always handy and it’s right there, so you can use your flash drives right there, as well, and a headphone port, so you can plug in your headphones, and jam out to your picture frame, in your living room, if you want to. So that is this one, that is a 400 or 800 by 480 resolution on that one. Now this one over here, is 480 by 234. It does have a slightly lower resolution, but you can see, it still looks really, really nice, and it’s a really, really, really inexpensive picture frame actually, as you can. But it does just have basic functions. It will only do pictures, your not going to get any music or any video on this frame, but it is very easy to navigate, it is very easy to use, it does a very simple menu system to allow you to get through, load up, choose your different pictures, choose your various slideshows, they’re all available right there. It will do SD and it will do USB memory, as well, so those are both built into the card. And on the top, you can see the buttons, for navigating all those menus, are located right across the top. Makes it really, really easy to use the frame actually. So, just four or five simple buttons, this one does not take compact flash, this one’s going to be SD only, but it will also take a memory stick as well. So your going to be able to use that in addition to the SD card. So, if you’re in the market for a nice picture frame, maybe for the holidays, or for a birthday or something like that. You can never go wrong with these right, because everyone has digital pictures, everybody wants to show them off and these make it very convenient, you can put them anywhere in the house. So this one right here, of course, the seven inch frame, this one’s going to do 800 by 480 with videos and music and all that stuff as well. And this one over here, a little more simple, going to do just pictures, but it’s going to do them well and play very simple slideshows for you. So, either one of these is a great choice, just depending on what you want in features. So go check them out, they’re the Victop seven inch pictures frames, and they’re available right now. To get more information on these Victop seven inch photo frames, go to any of the retailers listed here, for the 800 by 480 version, type in V119-1002, and for the lower resolution 480 by 234 version, type in V119-1000. For ComputerTV, I’m Bauer. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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  1. coz initially, photo frames were meant for the person or group's most favorable/meaningful picture…..but now…its allll ruined..
    don't give me "now you can put more favorable/meaningful pictures " BS

  2. I actually find mine PF very useful. I work in an office where instead of having a cluster of static pictures I have 250 pictures cycling through one one frame. Nice to look up now and then and see my favorite pictures. Helps me forget my soul stealing dead end job. So yeah uh… useful to me :p

  3. so i could buy one of these and rig it up as a head unit in my car using the usb port to run it as a monitor for my laptop.

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