Virtual Reality Pictionary with Ice T, Mariska Hargitay and Macaulay Culkin

-Now this game works exactly
like Pictionary, except the person who is drawing
will be wearing one of these virtual reality headsets.
Okay? And you’re drawing
in a 3-D space using a program
called “Tilt Brush.” You just pull the trigger on
this and draw with it. We’ll be able to see
their point of view on the big screen upstage. 45 seconds per turn. I’ll go first.
-Look at T’s face. -I know. Get ready.
No, you’re going to dig it. -I know there is some
kind of trick to this. -No, no, no, no, no.
You — here, have a seat. -I’m very excited.
-Put this thing on your head. Don’t worry about. -I’m telling you,
you’ll dig this. All right. I’ll go first.
Here we go. The good thing is you just
look cool playing it. -Yeah. -All right, here we go.
What number should I chose? [ Audience shouting ] -Wow. Okay.
That was very organized. Five.
I heard five first. -42.
-Here we go. Buddy, we got this.
-I got this. I’m with you. -Okay, okay, okay. [ Laughter ] I don’t know, man.
Oh, my gosh. -What is it?
-Here go. Ready? It’s an object.
-It’s an object. -Okay.
-There you go. -Okay, all right.
-Yeah. [ Laughter and applause ] -Wow.
I am having — I am having a real hard time. Is it Jesus?
-No, it’s not Jesus. [ Laughter ] -Oh, my goodness.
I’m feeling — Oh, my goodness.
Bart Simpson? [ Light laughter ] It’s — It’s —
-I don’t — Oh, oh.
-Oh, oh. Okay. And — It’s a Peanut.
It’s Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown — Schroeder.
The — P.O. — The thing. The great pumpkin. The — Oh, Snoopy. [ Buzzer ] [ Sad trombone ] I got so close, didn’t I?
-Gosh. I didn’t know how to do it.
Nut cracker. -What?
-I know it’s bad. All right.
Just look. I’m just showing you.
All right. Here we go. Ice-T, you’re up next. -I gotta draw?
-Yeah. Now you saw how to do it.
Now you see what you got to do. All right, you walk around.
It’s 3-D. It’s a 3-D world
you can walk around. -All right.
-You’ll be fine. -All right, now what —
-You hold down. -All right. Now I pick this —
I gotta — right? -And now, what number
do you guys want? [ Audience shouting ] Nine?
I heard seven. Up to you.
Sorry about that. -We got this.
-We got this. -Okay. [ Laughter ] This is an action.
-Here we go. -Okay.
-He is really serious. [ Light laughter ] [ Laughter ] -Sailing. Boating. Traveling the islands. Yachting. Traveling. [ Laughter ] Finding treasure! -Here’s where it gets —
Here’s where it gets fun. [ Laughter ] -Scuba diving. [ Ding ] [ Cheers and applause ] -I had to make the water
first, so you knew. -You guys — -That’s what 20 years
will get you. -That’s chemistry —
That’s chemistry right there. -I think we should become
detectives now. -Come on, buddy. We can do it. Yeah, we’ll be detectives
together. -Let’s do this.
We could do it if we — -Catch us now.
-So proud of you! -Nutcracker was a tough one
to start with. All right? -All right.
-Macaulay, I’m a better — -I should have known, though.
-I’m a better guesser. I’m a better —
-Which number? Just kidding.
I’m picking eight. It doesn’t matter.
-I’m picking eight. -Hmm. Okay. -We’ve got this, buddy.
We got this. I’m telling you. -Okay. All right.
Hold on. I’m in a virtual reality
situation. All right.
-You didn’t give a clue. -Oh, yeah — it’s a —
it’s a place. -I just helped you.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. I appreciate — Thank you buddy.
I appreciate it. -You know what?
Thanks, Ice-T. -Thank you.
Yeah. That’s good. Yeah.
-All right. Let’s do this. -People don’t say that enough.
-I know. Right? Thank you.
-Okay. Oh, my God.
It’s a beautiful globe. [ Laughter ] The top of the — North Pole?
-Yeah. [ Ding ] [ Cheers and applause ] -That’s right! That is right!
-Yeah! In your face!
-That is — okay. -North Pole! -First of all, you’re
a really good artist. -You didn’t even need a clue. -Oh, thank you.
-I could never have done that. That was awesome.
-That was great virtual art. -Virtual artist. Wow.
You’re a good artist. -Should I take matters into
my own hands here? -Oh, yeah.
Should I help you? -Oh, yeah. Help her.
-Do you want me to help? -How do I know what number?
-Oh, yeah. What number do you guys want? [ Audience shouting ] They want seven.
That’s the clue. -Okay.
It’s a movie. -All right.
You can tell that to us. Okay, yeah.
-I don’t like this number. -Ice, Ice, Ice.
That’s good. [ Laughter ] Okay, ready?
-Yeah. All right. [ Light laughter ] -What? [ Laughter ] -“Jaws.” [ Laughter and applause ] -“Jaws.” -So pretend it says
that at the end — -You can’t write —
-You can’t write words. -Oh. Oh, sorry.
Okay, ready? -That’s fine. [ Laughter ] -Okay, okay.
-It’s a fish. -No.
-It’s a bird? -Scuba diver!
-Look, look, look. -Scuba diving again. [ Laughter ] [ Buzzer, sad trombone ] -What the f–
-Ice! -That’s a plane?
-Yes! -Uh, um, “Airplane”?
-No! Show it again. That’s really bad. -“Snakes on a Plane.” -“Snakes on a Plane.”
-Nobody saw that movie! -Oh, come on. [ Laughter and applause ] Not the point — Not the point. That’s not the point
of the game. -That’s not the point.
-Not the point of the game. It’s time for the final round. -Nobody saw “The Nutcracker”
either. -That was Sam’s worst movie.
-It is going to be — All right. Here we go.
I’m gonna — what — which one? [ Audience shouting ] I’ll do this one.
-All right. -Oh, gosh.
-You guys are savages. -Well. No one’s going to
get this one. So, here we go. [ Laughter ] -What is it?
What is it? -Oh, it is a — it’s a song.
It’s a — it’s a — it’s a book. It’s a cartoon.
-What? -It’s a song, a book
and a cartoon? -Yeah.
No one’s going to get it. All right, ready?
-Okay. -Okay.
-A song, a book and a cartoon. Felix! [ Laughter ] Wow, it’s very good. Scooby-Doo! It so looks like Scooby-Doo. -Ooh. I’m really having a hard time
with this one. -He’s a cat man! -It’s a cat — it’s a — -It’s a dinosaur.
-It’s an animal. -Cat-Man.
-Cat. Dinosaur.
It’s a dinosaur or a cat? -Barney?
-Mariska, stop saying cat. -[Laughing] Barney.
-Ain’t he a dinosaur? -Wait a minute.
What is that? -Snoop Dogg!
-Snoop Dogg? It’s a rapper. Snoopy. Snoopy? -Snoop Lion.
-Oh, my God. [ Buzzer ] [ Sad trombone ] -It’s officially — We’re going to officially
end this. That was
“Puff the Magic Dragon.” -Oh!
-Wow. -We’re officially going
to end on a tie. We’re going to have
to have a rematch. My thanks to Ice-T,
Mariska Hargitay, Macaulay Culkin.

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