Virtual Reality Pictionary with John Boyega and Bella Thorne

-♪♪ Virtual Reality Pictionary ♪♪ -First, we’re
going to need partners, and we found some good ones. Joining my team is the star
of “Pacific Rim Uprising.” Please welcome John Boyega! ♪♪♪♪ How are you feeling?
You feeling it? -[ Growls ]
-[ Laughs ] Tariq’s partner tonight — Her new movie, “Midnight Sun,”
is in theaters on Friday. Give it up for Bella Thorne!
Hey! Bella! Hi, Bella! I need to say hi
before the competition. All right. We’re gonna
be cordial about it. -Before the competition.
Here we go. [ Clears throat ] Now, the game works
exactly like Pictionary. That’s my — That’s my game — Except the person who is drawing will be wearing one of these
virtual-reality headsets and drawing in 3-D space using a program
called Tilt Brush, okay? We’ll be able to see
their point of view on the big screen upstage. 45 seconds per turn.
I will go first. You guys can all
take your seats. We’re gonna do this, John.
-Okay. -Here we go. All right. Let me put this down here.
Throw this guy on. What number? [ Crowd shouting ] FIVE!! Okay. That guy aggressively
yelled five, so I’m afraid — -Yeah, five is —
-Hmm. Okay. Hmm. All right. Okay. Ready? -Jimmy, Jimmy, I’m very worried
about this, man. You’re not… -No, no, I’m playing this.
I’m playing this. Ready? -All right, all right.
-All right. This is an object. You ready? -Man, you’re drawing
sheepskin, man. It just doesn’t look right. [ Laughter ] Um, a dog? An elephant? -When you know what this is,
you’re gonna really feel stupid. No. I don’t know.
Maybe um, um, um… [ Laughter ] Sorry. Sorry. Oh, no! I’m sorry!
Don’t look at that! [ Laughs ] All right.
Wait. Oh, man. Oh, man! Ohh! -Time. Time!
[ Buzzer ] -Sorry. I apologize. I apologize to America.
That was, uh… [ Laughter ] I love that you
didn’t even guess. That was buffalo wings. -Oh, wow. [ Foghorn ] Wow. -I drew a buffalo
with wings on it. -Yeah, yeah, no.
-Oh, you tried to — -Is it my turn?
-No, not yet, Tariq. -Okay. Okay.
-Thank you. Bella, it’s your —
Bella, you’re up next. -Oh. Goodness.
-Yeah, here you go. This is fun. Yeah, you’re gonna love this.
And you got to pick a number. I can help you.
What number should she pick? -Three, three, three.
They’re yelling “three.” -All right.
They’re saying three. All right. -Okay. John calls it three. Okay. -Don’t overthink it.
Don’t overthink it. -Yeah, yeah.
No, overthink it. -Get out of here. Sit down. -Okay. -Okay. You got it, Bella?
Do you got the…? -Ohh. Ohh.
-There’s the controller. -Yes. Do I draw this way? -You can walk all around.
-Yes. Yes. -Oh, what if I trip over
this thing in my heels? I’m not used to wearing
so many heels. Oh, goodness.
-You’re only wearing two heels. [ Laughter ] -Oh. Good point.
-[ Laughs ] Okay. Here we go.
Oh, what’s the subject? -It’s a phrase.
-Okay. -Okay.
-Okay. -And it’s also…an insect? -Buggin’. -Ooh. I don’t know. -No, you’ve drawn enough.
That’s perfect. Ooh, wait! -Butterflies in your stomach? -Uh, it’s close, but, no.
It has a… -It’s 3-D. You can move around.
You can walk. Wait. Does that help? [ Laughter ] -Um, it’s, um, when you’re — -Wait, wait! [ Laughs ]
It’s not charades! -When you’re — Oh. It’s not charades.
It’s virtual — it’s Pictionary! -Oh. So I can’t describe it?
Bella! Keep drawing. No, you can’t —
You’ve got to stop talking! -Okay, okay, God.
Let me — I’ll try again. I’m under so much pressure!
I just keep drawing circles! [ Buzzer ] -Dang! -[ Laughs ] It’s fun, right?
What was it? -You let Jimmy
get inside your head. -What was it?
-It was a queen bee. So I tried to draw
the little — And I was like —
The higher up, the majesty. No. I’m sorry.
-John, you’re up. John, you’re up.
Yeah, you’re up. -All right. Cool. -That was pretty good.
I like that. You had the crown on it.
I saw that, yeah. –Okay. Cool. What number
should I go for, guys? [ Audience shouting ] -I tried to get in
your head. Sorry. -Oh, for freak’s sake! -Oh, come on!
John! That’s not the attitude! -All right. It is an action.
-Okay, an action. -That has to do
with a body part. All right. Okay. Okay. -Yes. -Oh, no. John! John!
Don’t you dare draw that! John! John! Man boobs. -And then this section…
-Yes, the chest area. No, the belly area.
-Belly… -Belly fat.
Wait. It’s an action. Belly bump.
Belly, belly… -Come on, bruh.
-Belly rub. Belly…belly dance!
Belly dance! -No, no, no!
-No. Belly — Wow. It — It — It — It —
It — It — It — Oh, for freak’s sake!
It moves — BLBLBLBLBLB! -Ohh! Belly wave. Belly…belly… Belly trip.
-Oh, for f– -Belly ring.
-No, no. -Belly —
When do you do the wave? [ Buzzer ] Sorry. John! John! Hey. I’m sorry, dude.
I let you down. -Sorry.
I’m very competitive, guys. -I’m sorry. What happened?
What was it? -Belly flop!
-Ohh. Belly flop. What — This is not belly flop.
-Yeah, it flops, though, innit? -That’s not a belly flop.
-Okay, okay. [ Laughter ] -When you belly flop,
you don’t do like that. -Yeah, but a big belly —
Just freakin’… -What are you doing?
Why you standing up? -I’m helping you out, man. -You trying to rig
the equipment? -I’m helping you out, dude. -Okay, okay.
Which one should I — [ Audience shouting] Okay. This is an object.
-Oh, he’s so confident. -Okay.
-Ohh. -Okay. [ Laughter ] Are you ready? -You said it’s an object?
-Yeah. -Holy mackerel! [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, my God! Yo! -Is that — -It’s a pig, but… Pig… [ Cheers and applause ] -Oh, my God! -I’m so conf–
Wait. It’s an object? -Yeah.
-Oh, I know what it is. -I know what it is, as well.
-I guess it’s like a food. -Oh. Pig in a blanket! -Oh, my gosh! [ Cheers and applause ] This is — -You were confident,
for a good reason. -This is insane.
-You’re very good. -Sorry.
-It’s rigged! It’s rigged! -This is rigged. Wow!
That was fantastic. Dude, you’re a great artist.
Oh, my gosh. I thought buffalo wings
was good. [ Laughter ] Uh, it’s time
for the final round. It’s gonna be a showdown. I will draw, and if John guesses
the clue first, then we win. But if Tariq or Bella get it,
then they win. -Okay?
-Okay. -All right. Here we go.
So, what number, you guys? [ Audience shouting ] Here we go. [ Laughs ] Okay. [ Laughter ] Okay. Oh, man, oh, man, oh, man. All right. All right. Guys? This is —
-Come on. -Are we ready for this?
-Yeah, I am. -This is an action. Okay? Okay. Here we go. [ Laughter ] -Shout.
-Screaming. -Screaming. Arguing. -Yelling.
Screaming your head off. -Spitting, spitting! -Vomiting! Throwing up!
-Licking. Licking. -Kissing. Making out.
-Making out. -Kissing. Kissing with tongues.
French kiss. ♪♪♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] Judges, who said it first?
Tell me we said it! We said it! -We said tongue kiss.
-We got it! John Boyega! [ Cheers and applause ] My thanks to John Boyega,
Bella Thorne, Tariq Trotter.

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