12 thoughts on “vMix Training – Chroma Key and Virtual Sets”

  1. Amazing! Martin thank you for all you do and the wondrous works you continue to amaze us with!  It's not hard to see how Habakkuk 2:14 is going to be realized soon!   http://biblehub.com/habakkuk/2-14.htm

  2. hi there, just one question – can the software take a live input from one camera key it on the fly and compose it to the selected background? Or does the input always have to be pre-recorded?

  3. Hi ! thanks for the right stuff. Is it possible to make hotkeys for those 4 types of virtual cameras?

  4. Does vmix basic HD not have the chroma key function or am I wrong? You are having it updated on my vmix basic HD to run the chroma key

  5. nous sommes dessolé! nous les pays francophone votre logiciel est destiné a des pays anglophone ? vos tuto toujours en anglais est ce que bon sur tout nous en afrique ça va pas non

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