VuPoint Digital Photo Converter

VuPoint Digital Photo Converter

Hey, what’s going on? It’s Bauer and you’re
watching Computer TV. Of course you can get all the forums and all the
blog posts and all the information that you want including more videos on great products like this
one from VuPoint at But lets go and jump into this because the
VuPoint folks have come up with a very simple solution to a problem that a lot of people have,
and that’s getting their old printed photographs into their computer, and being able to do it
really really easily. And the VuPoint Digital Photo Convertor does just
that. It does one job, does it pretty well. It’s very simple, very simple operation.
Basically, you have one USB port, or one USB plug, attached to your device plugged in into your
computer. Your Vista or Windows XP machine. It comes with a few trays, for various photo
sizes. A 3×5, 4×6 and 5×7, so depending on which size photograph you’re trying to scan,
you just take your photo and slide it in there. This right here, I believe, is the, what was it,
4×6, I believe. If you want to scan your 4×6 image you simply
slide it into the tray, just like that, you can see it just slides right down in there.
And once you have the image slide in a tray, open this up back here. See there is a slot in the
back for it. You drop your tray into the slot, and you push the copy button which will launch
the software, take a snapshot of your image and put it into whatever photo editing software
that you like to use. In fact, it does it very very quickly, pretty much
instantaneously, it will convert it to a 5 Megapixel Image and it will scan it at 1800 dpi,
so you’ve got a nice high resolution image that comes from your original printed photograph.
So it will also automatically adjust exposure and will automatically adjust color balance to
make sure that all of your photos look as good or maybe even better than they do on the printed
paper. So if you have a whole bunch of photographs laying around, and you really really want to get
them all onto your computer, and you want to do it really really simply, all you need is the VuPoint
Digital Photo Convertor. It’s literally as simple as sliding your picture
into one of these trays and droping the tray into the back of the device right here. That’s all you
have to do to get all of your photos scanned into your computer.
So to get more information on this device, and more, as I said earlier go to to
participate in our forums and read all the blogs. Otherwise, happy picture scan! To get more info on the VuPoint Digital Photo
Convertor go to any of the retailers you see listed here and type in V223-1002.
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12 thoughts on “VuPoint Digital Photo Converter”

  1. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong…
    This does exactly the same as a scanner except you have to slot the photos into frame things before putting them in the scanner…
    Does that make it more difficult to scan old photos in. Plus what if you don't have the right sized frame thing for it. A lot of old photos are square or a different size than the ones we have today.
    I can't see why anyone would want one….

  2. I agree why not just get a regular scanner it might not be 5 megapixels but I doubt that really matters unless you're a fanatic. Plus a scanner can fit anysize photo.

  3. Oh I see.
    Well I can understand that but you can just edit them on the computer and re-scanning something never takes that long really. It just seems like this is a bigger, bulkier and less flexible (in what it can do) version of a scanner.
    PS: I'm not trying to argue with you lol 🙂

  4. this looks like it'd take way longer than using a scanner… now what'd be cool is if you could load a stack of pictures in and it scan through them all like a copy machine would… without having to reload every time. i have hundreds of pics to input and this just doesn't seem like it's very time effective.

  5. This device is a piece of junk.

    It only works right with non-glossy photos.

    The photos sometimes *fall into the device* so that you have to disassemble it to get them back.

    The color is always off, usually shifted more toward blue or brown.

    There is no support for 64-bit systems.

    It has a very limited range of compatible image sizes.

    I have not seen a single positive review from any consumer who owns this – only from paid reviewers.

    AVOID this piece of garbage.

  6. this is retarded… why not just use a regular scanner? at first when i saw a picture of it i thought u could just stack your pictures in there and run it and it would sift through them scanning them. now THAT would be cool. who the hell wants to stand there putting each picture in a plastic frame and scan them? that would take FOREVER with the hundreds of pictures i have. you have to do way more than "just the push a button." sounds like regular scanning is more convenient

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