What Camera Should I Buy? How to Choose the Best Camera for YouTube

What Camera Should I Buy? How to Choose the Best Camera for YouTube

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  1. I am going to start a asmr channel. I decided to record the videos from iPhone xs and blue yeti usb microphone. Is it suitable? Please help me.

  2. Awesome information! By the way, your audio sync is a tad bit off or it’s just lagging on my side. Happy Black Friday ✌️

  3. IF I got the Sony 6400 or the Canon M50 camera could I use the lens from another camera I bought about 10 years ago. I had both a Canon and a Sony, which I never got to learn. One was stolen and I still have the other, forgot which, and the lens.

  4. This is so useful Sean!! I have the complication of having the use of only one hand, which makes a huge impact on the decision making process. Eventually settled on a Nikon D5600, which seems to fit the bill for what I want to do. It's going to be a shock, as I've been 'cameraless' for about 5 years and the cameras I used then I had bought in 2000! It was so long ago that the DSLR I had didn't do video, and the cameta was digitape, and the size was rediculous!

  5. Sir I am planing to buy Canon M50 and 50mm lens f /1.8 is it will good I am a beginner or should I go sony but my budget is not so much sir telm me should I final canon M50??

  6. Gosh I bought an A7ii last night. Praying it works. Now wondering if I should have hit the a6100. I already have go pro7, my galaxy s10+ and a drone. Hoping to add another camera to the mix.

  7. Hi my question is I have a Canon T7I and how could I ues the big bulky camera to vlog with out like being shaky or drop in it of my hands


  9. Planning also to pick up my camera…im either leaning to the m50 or the g7…tanx again for the info sean.please accept my condolences brother

  10. QUESTION OF THE DAY ⚡Are you planning on upgrading camera soon? What brand or cameras are you interested? Let me know! 👇🏼 **** Download the FREE Think Media Video Gear and Camera Buyer's Guide here 🎯 http://ThinkGearGuide.com

  11. I'm leaning towards the EOS R mainly for future proofing.. I like to do a lot of work on cars and fabricating when I'm home but I drive trucks for a living so I take a massive amount of stills as well so with that camera I can make little videos here and there but also have the professional image quality of the EOS R to further my quality of images… I was interested in the a6400 at first until I started learning more about the R but what are your thoughts?

  12. Question:

    I'll be working in extremely loud areas while I film my pressure washing jobs…What mic do you recommend? Shotgun pro +

  13. Buy a Canon M200, external sound recorder and a small, cheap gimbal. This way, for not a lot of money you will learn to edit, sync the video and sound and use additional stabilization. Learning new stuff is actually more important than buying a camera that has a lot of things.

  14. My condolences for your dog! I lost a loved one on Thanksgiving as well my cousin passed away on TG in 2014 it was horrible he was like a brother to me but I don't want to make this about me! Thanks for your info Im a new sub and already love your channel God Bless…

  15. Another great video. Love it! No bias. Just honesty!! and based on your experience over the years! Much respect. 😄😄

  16. I’m a newbie… what is the “look”? Cinematic look for 24fps?? Can you show a split screen demo? I don’t know which frame rate to use for my art demos.

  17. Question: I can't decide between SL3 and M50. I can get a SL3 around $150 cheaper than M50 for my YouTube. Any thought? Thx.

  18. This was interesting. I'm a photographer more than I'm a YouTuber. And, for a long time, used the same camera for both. (Canon 5D Mark II) But, now my technology has diverged.

    My A-roll camera is a Panasonic Lumix LX-100. I originally bought it as more portable camera than the Canon and as a macro lens. I originally thought it would be used for close-up photos of pens. (And mine was used, so significantly cheaper than its list price.) When I started using it for video, I was sad to discover that I could not process 4K video on my computer. That's probably the next thing to be updated. Meanwhile, it has a great lens. The sensor is a bit small for photography, but perfect for video. And I love that it can be remote controlled. On the photography side, it's small and portable, so I can carry it easily, and it offers a great sensor and the manual control of the Canon 5D Mark II. I still love the job the Canon 5D Mark II does with video, but the Panasonic is so much better for how I work.

    I use a Canon Vixia HF R800 to film my writing: something important for what my channel is. It's an HD sensor, but not 4K. Since the computer will be with me a few more years, I decided it wasn't worth getting a better camcorder. It has great close-ups, and that's important for what I do.

    Most recently, I purchased an Ipevo VZ-R for live streaming. It has great resolution and is easily switched from filming my face and to filming writing: again, great for my channel.

  19. I alrdy know more than the camera guys at Best buy. Then again I strickly studied for 2 years before I bought my first one!

  20. Thank you for this video. My heart breaks for you and your family with losing Rosie. Our furbabies are our children. So sorry for your loss.

  21. Dude should have made this video 2 days ago when rakuten was giving 20% back in points. I got the g7 mark 3, msi gs65 and some other stuff. Have $800 I can use now.

  22. Excited to watch this replay. Was literally about to get a camera and this was like exactly what I needed. Trying to find something a little more versatile and capable to use in conjunction with my GoPro. Thanks Sean!

  23. @thinkmedia Great vid, as usual; I got the m50 because of your other review vid too and I'm happy with that decision, but now I need to edit… Do you have a video about recommended laptops for editing?

  24. I’m thinking of getting the M50 I need to get great close up shots videos for my magic tricks channel would this camera be great for that ! Any advise please ! 😁

  25. Have grown to 2500 subs just using my iPhone and I think the quality is still great. Would love to upgrade at some point but probably not for a while. Thanks for the super informative video helping me brainstorm potential cameras for the future! 🙂

  26. just have to say, I find this video a little irritating. I'm a life-long artist and certainly recognize the value of a really high end camera for photography (in my case, reference photos for drawings/paintings, etc), but this is supposed to be about shooting youtube videos, where in most cases you are talking about someone sitting in front of a stationary camera and simply talking on video. No one needs a thousand dollar and up camera for that, so I don't understand why those are even being discussed here. Just giving honest feedback bro. Cheers

  27. I think with any tech you can easily get over whelmed without knowledge of what you have or what your getting. Great breakdown on what to look for. 💯

  28. Hi Sean, can you review the Canon SL3? Also, a clean HDMI output would be a good feature to include in videos like this. Happy holidays!

  29. I shoot with the Canon Rebel SL3 and i think it's awesome! Especially if you are a beginner with video production

  30. Thanks for sharing, currently I’m still using iPhone and go pro for my YouTube videos and I’m planning to upgrade with a right camera soon… glad I watched this first…

  31. I am looking for my first camera for my new YouTube channel and Social Medias…. i know how you really like the M50, and personally who wouldn't?! But… I am in a huge pickle between buying the M50 and the T7i. I would be using the camera for vlogging, fishing, outdoors, video, pictures, and maybe some live streaming. M50 and the 4k seems a little wishy washy to me, and it seems like everyone still shoots in 1080 with it… and is Mirrorless a winning factor over dslr between the 2? Which camera would you end up buying if you were in my shoes? Thanks in advance!!!

  32. Recently purchased the DJI Osmo Pocket from the Black Friday sale for about $300! Already had the Panasonic G7 but I needed something more compact,4k60fps, stabilized and better autofocus. I was thinking of a GoPro but the Pocket suits my video style better

  33. Thanks for sharing all these camera features. I’m sorry for your loss. Because my grandfather was a professional photographer, I always treasure all the memories with pictures. He passed away early October and He will always be in my heart ❤️

  34. I am CLUELESS about cameras and editing. Should I just start with my IPhone X or what camera do I need with the screen to see myself and I can Vlog but SIMPLE!!! I’m
    Going to use an editor no way I can learn that! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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