Whoopi Goldberg Chastises Bella Thorne for Leaked Photos

Whoopi Goldberg Chastises Bella Thorne for Leaked Photos

in celebrity shaming news submitted by Bashara bella thorne posted her nude photos ahead of a head of a hacker but Whoopi Goldberg blamed her for taking them in the first place I saw this I don't know anything whose bella thorne I just know she was dating that Tana Tana mojo mojo really a youtuber she's like an akan girl oh they were dating I don't know there was that some people were saying they were debating but then like other people were like heard Tana was like now we're really dating what's gay bathing it's when you pretend to be gay for attention oh yeah we're like to get a crowd of support behind you yeah yeah I'd like to be part of that should be illegal so this is Bella Thorne and Whoopi Goldberg in case you forgot what they look like she was the same who Whoopi Goldberg no my whole life she's looked like that sister act yeah she just keeps so this one took naked pictures and Whoopi is getting on her for taking what's the bottom of an orange you know what a scrunched up bottom of a orange look people still getting hacked that's what Whoopi was saying that's what I don't understand how was that like or is iCloud getting hacked – where was her pictures that they got hacked well that's what Whoopi was saying that it was in the cloud or something I'm not exactly sure but so Bella Thorne she ended up tweeting this fuck you and the power you think you have over me I'm gonna write about this in my next book and then angry faces and then some nudes so these are text messages that the hacker is sending her of her own photos and so she's like oh he was like hey what you do is taking my head yo Bella and then this other one has got all the videos and like you see your titties everywhere so she posted like a screenshot of a note oh and she's she wrote yesterday as you all know all my shit was hacked for the last 24 hours I've been with my own nudes I feel gross I feel watched I feel someone has taken something from me that i only wanted one special person to see he has sent me multiple nudes of other celebs he won't stop with me or them he will just keep going for too long I let a man take advantage of me over and over in a fucking sick of it I'm putting this out because it's my decision now you don't get to take yet another thing from me I can sleep tonight better knowing I took my power back you can't control my life you never will here's a photo season threatening me with in other words here's my boobies so here fuck you and the last 24 hours I have been crying instead of celebrating my book while doing my book press oh yeah the FBI will be at your house shortly so watch your motherfucking back yeah how many licenses should get I don't know and this should get more likes than hoja so Whoopi's mad at her so this is what will be set for taking the pictures this is what Whoopi said yeah what did Whoopi say yeah I need to know all right so Whoopi was saying that once you take a photo and it goes into the cloud it's an available to any hacker so if you know that we're in 2019 and this is already a problem you're a celebrity and that you're famous then you should be mindful of that happening so that's pretty much what Whoopi was saying and then Bella ended up responding on her Instagram story's pretty disgusting you know I feel pretty disgusting won't be knowing everyone's ceiling you know my shit and and I just want to say that me watching this interview make me feel really bad about myself and I hope you're happy I really do I really hope you're so fucking happy because you know I I don't really want to go on the view anymore because I don't really want to be beaten down by a bunch of older women for my body and my sexuality so I'm gonna cancel my interview because saying if you take a sexy photo then it basically deserves to get leaked like don't be surprised at all and don't feel sorry for yourself so if I go out to a party drinking and I want to dance on the dance floor do I deserve to be raped too because to me I see those two things really fucking similar okay yeah I agree with her I mean because here's the thing like I personally have never taken a nude photo because of that because I don't want it to ever get leaked or whatever but that was my choice like people should be able to take nude photos of their fucking bodies and send them to whoever they want without being worried about getting hacked well just so you know if you send a nude photo to a guy he for sure he's showing that to all of his friends or he's keeping it for long not just yet I mean but you can don't be stupid it's big like this is a precious picture of me I have a question that you know did Joe show you all my news oh yeah for sure yeah I got left out of that party attitude I'm just saying so maybe my guy is better than most guys neither you never need I doubt it I actually understand both sides I mean I mean it's like I think that if you take nude photos then you have to be you have to say to yourself I'm okay if this gets out right yeah I mean I think Whoopie was trying to say to you though but she just kind of said in a really stupid way yeah like you she was like victim like blaming her no she was blaming someone that's wrong but I think I think she probably meant to say what you're saying which I can agree to it's like you just kind of have to give that up and be like this might happen and if it does happen am I gonna be okay with that like Nicki kind of thought that too and was like if this happens I'm not gonna be okay with that so I'd rather just play it safe it's what the rape thing is really as an analogy that I never stressed so but but but you should be able to walk around naked and not worry about getting raped you should be able to do it right I mean that's not the reality of the world but you should be able to I believe that but it's just the same as like being pro-choice like for example I personally would never get an abortion but that's my choice like I'm happy that other people have the choice and I think that you shouldn't blame like lick the victim of someone getting hacked or whatever and it wasn't like it was one of her boyfriends friends or something that that showed the picture around because that's that is like the thing that you could think of as a precaution but this is like a hacker like there's no way but I'd like to know the details of what the hack actually is yeah you know it's like this so vague like it's like it's somebody actually hacking iCloud I don't yeah because that's a big problem like we should all be worried like everybody right now they just take a second already like don't you guys remember that huge leap that was a that was a third party app a third party yet so it's like if you have like you know how you say like give Twitter access or give something access it's one of those type of apps that they were using so and I just think that Whoopie was a little harsh yeah and but but but if she would have just not been so harsh just to say like hey you're making this because this girl's being so dramatic about everything it's like yo yeah you you were naked I don't think I don't feel like she was being dramatic I'm no I'm talking about not in that what shoes I'm just saying even from the whole event yeah I'm just saying it's like I think how she handled it I just think how she handled it is great it's like look alright I showed I could be naked for this special person whoever this special person is and she's like okay this guy's trying to threaten me so I'm like okay here it is release it who cares yeah I mean and so at that point it's like I say own that choice so it doesn't look so hard you know to me because she's making it outwards like it like it like it was like gun to her head it was like it turns out that it was that so she's saying that they found out who it was it was really young kid and so she's not gonna press charges because she doesn't want to ruin someone's life that they made a really bad decision when they were really young so a lot of people are speculating that this was all just the publicity for her book that's not gonna say if the photos are too highly produced I'm like did you want to leak them and were you leaking them yourself or did someone really like highly produced for her crying seems to me that just thinks I'm taking there just to his Botox and fillers like she couldn't make a wrinkle in her face no but for me it's like I think they're like when that big hack happened before the one that I was most uh you like I was like like oh that sucks for was Kirsten Dunst because the picture looked intimate like the picture clearly look like it was for somebody that she really cared about you know I mean you could tell then it was like I don't want to be a party to this but like Jennifer Lawrence's pictures I was like are you 24 and you just like you know I mean like you know you're just like I'm sexy she was down for it so it's like I don't know if she necessarily minded did that got out I mean I think a lot of these young starlets don't mind that it's getting out because they're getting attention yeah but one thing I have a question is like what's where do you draw the line from victim-blaming and also telling people that they have a responsibility to protect themselves I think saying it like that yeah cuz I think I think I feel like that's what Whoopi was trying to do like saying you have a responsibility understanding technology understanding your status that people are gonna come after you yeah so all of these little starlets and stuff for like against Whoopi now and I don't know if it's just cuz I'm old but I'm likely it would be alone like I don't think I don't think that's fair I think what Whoopi's trying to say and I think that other girl Bella's getting drunk and getting raped examples kind of extreme I think what Whoopi's trying to say it's like yeah you can buy a nice purse and no one should rob you but just know that if you are flaunting a nice ass purse and someone comes in robbed you don't also say where the fuck did that come from mm-hmm so like if you are taking these photos I think like you everyone should have the right to turn their own photos you didn't do what they want but if you do get hacked and we know it's a reality that it happens you can't be that sad like you're you're the victim a hundred percent you know I guess it's a risk you're willing if you jump on the freeway you might get an accident it's a double-edged sword yes I mean I don't know I don't necessarily necessarily agree with what you just said that fuck up and say something really bad yeah you know but I'm just saying it's like it's like it's like this is different it's like if you are gonna wear you know like if you're gonna wear have a nice fancy outfit on and you go into a not nice fancy part of town then you you can't be surprised if I are you gonna get unwanted attention yeah but it should be okay like like like the example you gave us like you should be okay for women to be passed out drunk with a guy and wake up and not be raped yes real people that are supporting fellow they're pretty much saying like you know stop focusing on victim blaming and victim shaming some like we should be after the guy who yeah pack der in the first place exactly well they are gonna go after him but I think we'll be also saying as an older person like a sort of like matriarchal character yeah she's just trying to say like hey but when you only reprimand the girl don't say anything about the guy like hey guys stop fuckin hacking it's not cool then it looks like the girls only the only one to blame but you're not but those people aren't gonna listen anyway like you're not gonna like go on TV and give a public service announcement hey everybody don't hack people those people those people don't give a fuck you know I mean they don't care but so you won't do it anymore I know he's like oh god I can't Whoopi says not so I'm not gonna do it anymore so I don't know I mean it's but I think that this particular the way she's acting I don't believe her like I'm not I'm not fully on board with heard her dramatics about it you know to me eyes especially after people like Kim Kardashian grow to like such massive Heights from stuff like this it's really not gonna be detrimental I mean I get that it's personal and you don't want people to see your titties but also it's not career ruining like nothing Bad's gonna happen what I'm saying is those pictures weren't even like if someone's gonna blackmail you it should be like you know like like you're spreading the lips like you know you're with your bands brother or something I think it's the fact that he was using this against her that made her feel disgust like blackmailing her yeah and like taking control of her life like I'm gonna release these photos it could've been a credit card yeah he's like I'm gonna put this out there she's just like not what the fuck I should choose the phone it out there yeah exactly more scared on my credit card than my naked body also free the titties man like that that's another thing I have a problem with like yeah let's do it right now

24 thoughts on “Whoopi Goldberg Chastises Bella Thorne for Leaked Photos”

  1. I've recieved a handful of nudes and I have't saved them, shared them or even showed them to anyone else.

  2. i would like everyone to have a million dollars – nikki

    what if it was her ex-bf that leaked it to a buddy and that buddy is using it against?
    like seriously.. she obviously took those nudes to share it.. what the fuck did she expect

  3. Tiff is still so gullible,that Bart had to clarify that they were kidding abt joe showing the nudes😂

  4. I think Bella did this for publicity for her book 99.9999%. She already takes sexual pictures so showing her tits isn’t much further than the usual🤷‍♂️

  5. I never understood why guys. Show nudes, what if she becomes your wife, now your friends know what your wife looks like naked

  6. Unfortunately i don't have much compassion for this specific case due to the reason of, someone being hacked usually is because they've given/left their login info somewhere really stupid they should not have. You will be surprised how remarkably easy it can be to infiltrate into someones account if they're being ignorant about it. 70-80% of the cases is just the users own fault being not aware enough of what they should be doing with their info to protect themselves.

  7. We live in a world now where people ignore personal responsibility and feel entitled to be safe and consequence free. The world is a dangerous place and there are many things that can hurt you, people included. You are not entitled to safety. You have to actively take precaution to ensure you own safety. Stop thinking about what you should and shouldn't be able to do and start realizing what you can and can't do. This is what happens when you coddle your women for a century. Women from my part of the world would never be this stupid or irresponsible.

    p.s. Maybe i have this viewpoint because i grew up in a dangerous country where walking around with this mentality can get you robbed, raped, murdered or all 3.

  8. what's with "victim blaming" thing lately? you can't give advice or tell people to be mindful of their actions because there are consequences without getting accused of victim blaming/shaming.

    as Jess said, you have a responsibility and we don't live in a perfect world, why give an opportunity to those wrong doers?

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