Why GUILTY PLEASURE ART is Important for Artists | Markers Speedpaint

Why GUILTY PLEASURE ART is Important for Artists | Markers Speedpaint

Today I’m gonna draw like nobody’s watching I wonder if anybody will… This is actually a sketch that I did off-camera, and I liked it so much I decided to film the rest of the process and the first thing I did After I sketched it in mechanical pencil was I took my kneaded eraser And then I sort of like and I rolled it into this like chubby worm And then I rubbed that all over the paper. I do this because Personally I could I find that this pencil sketch can get in the way of me creating my best line art So by rubbing it with my kneaded eraser, but not completely erasing everything It gives me a better sense of where I’ve already placed the ink and I have a lot more control over like the line Width and variation and I think it just really helps overall This has a very similar effect to, to all the digital artists out there, to creating a new layer for your line art And then lowering the opacity of your sketch layer, and I don’t mean to toot my own horn But I’m a much better digital artist, okay I have a lot more experience in that so if I can find some way to replicate some sort of digital art Technique and apply it to my traditional art, which could use some work, I’m going to do it Okay, what I’m drawing might not seem very significantly different than anything else I dropped but to me It kind of is because Going into this I specifically wanted to like get rid of any outside influence to just draw what I felt like drawing right now You know because I feel like when we start drawing those first illustrations we create is like the most purest form of our art that we can ever make because It’s just exactly what we want to draw. It’s only what we want to draw, and it’s just being Poured and barf all over the paper, and it’s like it’s just us. It’s like our soul being put onto the paper you know and I feel like as we grow as artists and we start taking critiques and learn how to take good critiques and know which critiques to Ignore like and the wisdom that comes with you know deciphering the difference between the two and also if you’ve ever posted your art to social media or Shared it with friends. Do you notice that sometimes certain? Like certain drawings you make get more likes or comments or just better feedback You may not even think it but you You start crafting your art style too. You know? Benefit others ahead of yourself, and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing I just think we should be aware of what’s happening because I know before I even had like a cellphone like flipping dark ages I I Remember just taking my sketchbook everywhere and I was sketching in this sketchbook and On the rare occasion that someone managed to just sneak up behind me and see what I’m drawing because I don’t usually like anyone see um They would maybe I’d have one sketch on this Page spread thing that I was working really hard on and I was really proud of it And it was like exactly what I wanted my art to be you know But they’re looking over my shoulder and they see maybe this sketch. That’s a little off the side and It’s it’s you know just a little bit of an experimentation on my part and just you know trying something But not really feeling anything afterwards And they see that one and they attach to that one and that one is the one that they like and they start talking about How great it is then let me just say it’s really nice, so it’s so it complements your art whether it’s the part you like or not like it’s always like ah oh oh I feel awesome now, but it can feel a little bittersweet because maybe That was not at all what you want your art to be like and that’s the one they like you know It can cause you to start Altering what you’re doing to please other people and like as artists if we want to go down a professional route We’re gonna end up in a place where we have to draw What somebody else wants us to draw and that’s not a bad thing like drawing still fun I just think it’s important and that’s what I’m doing today. It’s just taking a step back Enjoying why I love drawing art and just drawing exactly what I want to you know. It’s like a little guilty pleasure You know I wasn’t following any challenges wasn’t following any prompts. I was just doing whatever I felt like drawing whatever I felt like coloring saw me you know And it’s just I think it’s just a fun exercise that everyone should do if you are getting caught into that like that Rip current of other people’s feedback. You know I think it’s good to take a step back and just enjoy the art of drawing For coloring I’ll be using these art and fly alcohol-based Brush markers that you may have seen the review for those for I had lion-hearted or started to film I had already picked out two colors that I knew I wanted to use One was this brown color and the other was this Ha pink like it was its the pinkest pink that I’ve ever seen like it is like if there is a pink That is the pink of all Pink’s this is the pink okay? This this is the baby you may disagree, but I freaking love this color, so it’s fine And then I saw that this brown color just really complimented it like really really well, so I decided to use those two colors So what I did was I chose the brown color for her skin because I thought it would really make that like bright dress pop like a super pastel and Really fun, so I use that darker color for the skin, but I had a lot of trouble with this because It just really was streaky You know and I really like the skin tones whenever I like draw something to be like the smoothest element in the smoothness color So the fact that her skin ended up really streaky was annoying I tried I took like a lighter brown like a peachy color And I’ll put that on this arm here if you see like right there And then it’s I put that down first And then I took the darker color and went on top and I was doing what you guys always tell me to do you know little swirly motions to like avoid streaking But it was still streaking, and I didn’t really see any difference with applying the lighter color first So I didn’t do that for the rest of the weight Do take like a pink color and add like plushies Tell like I don’t try to make the texture look like I tried to do it that way so That kind of helped a little bit, but in the end like it. Just it’s really really streaky I’ve noticed that the lighter colors streak a little bit less which is nice so her hair and her dress ended up looking pretty good But that skin I don’t I don’t understand um Yeah, I think actually because I have used these markers before on different paper, and it worked a lot better. I’m thinking I’m thinking it’s the paper if you want to know what paper, am using. I’m using the Strathmore vision mixed-media sketchbook So that’s the paper I’m using and it’s really really streaky, so yeah last time I used the kansan mixed-media sketchbook And I thought it looked a lot better I’ve also used it on like in the back of some watercolor paper and It looked really good on there. I really liked that so I don’t know it’s kind of kind of interesting Gotta do my research on the paper. I’m just not a huge fan of buying specific papers for specific mediums Just because I am such a noob you know like what I’m gonna do by Barker paper for markers. Yeah, right? Just by a mixed-media sketch. I can throw everything at it including mashed potatoes. Oh Another thing I did after I finished coloring everything else I was still trying to Hide as much of the stickiness as possible so what I did and it’s something I’ve been doing lately is I took mrs. Crayola colored pencil that I think I’ve had since middle school like it’s been around it’s been it’s seen some things But in a few mouths like it’s it’s been around um its Crayola It’s actually bubblegum colored, and it just works So well because you can like add it on top of your markers, and it still shows through it’s a little bit opaque And it’s pastel and it’s so cute, and it just looks really really good on the skin And then another thing I did was I took a white gel pen. It’s a signal uniball white gel pen and First I’m just adding little highlights. You know to the eyes and like this cheeks and Making the teeth a pop a little bit more but then I went a little overboard and I gave her these super contrasting white freckles I Liked it it was like fun. You know doing whatever. I want again fitting to that guilty pleasures theme but I’m not sure I feel about it. I’d like to know what you think about it What do you think about these white freckles mister skin? I think it looks really cute, but I also don’t know I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t I just don’t know that’s why I’m asking I guess I’m not going to change it, but I’d like to know what you think I Really really like the polka dots I added because like the color I feel like the the blue and the pink of the brow We’re all just too separated, and I feel like they just they need it they needed to get together and hang out, so I put in the blue and Applied polka dots all over the pink, and I think it looks super cute, and I really like it. I love polka dots he I actually also Added polka dots to one of the hearts Because I wanted each of the hearts to look a little bit different the only reason I added the hearts in the first place is just because the Composition on the page was a little bit weird because originally it was just sketch and I was gonna add more sketches You know all around it, but I decided to not do that so I need to add hearts to just Center the composition on the page a little bit better because it was so low hanging you know so yeah, another thing you may have just noticed is that I like to put little swatches in the top left by the spiral of the Notebook because I think I feel like it’s out of the way and sometimes I’ll write down what the color was so that I’ll remember for the future if I really like the color And I wanna use it later so yeah, there’s that Thank you guys for watching. I hope you enjoyed watching me draw. You know just like just a guilty pleasure Illustration like a really fun thing and I hope you’ll all you know Get out your sketchbooks and draw a little something for yourself. You know you deserve it. You’re worth it. You’re awesome and Just thank you for coming along on my journey I’ve been on YouTube for a very long time now like it’s insane like longer than high school and high school felt like an eternity so Huh I wanna, I just I’m just want to thank you. Just thank you for being here. You’re awesome Thank you for watching again, and I hope you all have a delicious evening full of waffles bye

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  1. Uhm. So I have this thing where I draw better- like. When the page is smaller, so when I draw people, I'm only good at it with sizes about an index card XD
    I can draw simple landscapes on normal sketchbook sheets, but not people. Loll, does anyone else have this? ;W;

  2. For some reason when I do my sketch, its too pretty I dont want to put line art cause I dont wanna ruin it😂😥

  3. I absolutely LOVE to draw but I’m only good at amine kinda….. that’s it! I can’t even draw a fun body but you make me wanna try more! I saw your old art at 10 (my age) and I REALLY think you needed a little more practice back then but your art is amazing now! Your my idol🥰

  4. I absolutely LOVE to draw but I’m only good at amine kinda….. that’s it! I can’t even draw a fun body but you make me wanna try more! I saw your old art at 10 (my age) and I REALLY think you needed a little more practice back then but your art is amazing now! Your my idol🥰

  5. This is so cute..love the colours choice she’s beautiful ..Yes I can understand how it must feel ..I watch you girls and often wonder if you are drawing what’s expected..the reason I say this is not so much you as I think yours are always varied but some others just do one type of thing and nothing else..I know a lot of the girls on here have done art at college is it over there or uni I am not sure ..ours in the U.K. go to University and do art and design degrees..anyway..I know that doing that they cover a lot of styles and work but to just stick to one type does not do you good ..I never went but I am flexible and can draw most things if needed lol ..but to be a good artist is it not good to explore your creativity too..I know you do more than most I love you’re work it’s got a lot of strength to it ..but what is it also does you good as an artist to explore new avenues and expand your creativity ,even play doing things that make you happy..it’s a huge journey so explore and most of all have fun doing it because you have the dream job others can only dream of ..says I the reluctant artist who gives up too easily lol 😀

  6. "I'm a much better digital artist"
    Aren't we all
    My guilty pleasure art: deep breath before I admit it Frisk, Chara, and/or Asriel

  7. Have you ever had that moment where you draw for example an eye and it looks good so you draw the other eye and it looks better so you try to make the first eye look like the second eye and end up ruining the eyes? I do it all the time

  8. I’ve been on tik Tok for to long I looked at the picture that she drew and I dubble tapped the video to like it 😂🤣

  9. I feel like this almost screams magical girl. OOOHHH can you make a Magical Girl illustration? would love to see your take on it

  10. On ibispaint X you can take a picture of your drawing on camera then you can ad it on to the app and you just press the + button and it will say add picture and if will be on there and you can make the picture light and not be able to see it well and you can make a more layers and go over it and color it and there some help that's all I know but it really helps me so your welcome and I really like your drawing and I'm going to probably get copic marks for Christmas but only 36

  11. "When we start drawing, those first illustrations we create are like the most purest forms of art we can ever make."

    "It's like our soul being put on the paper"

    Sees a stick figure on my paper
    Welp, theres my soul, folks.

  12. I like how she describes the skin color!

    Pow! Popping! Smash!
    I also LOVE the white freckles! But I still don’t understand, how are artists (like coloring and painting artists) so good and fun or something idk…. xD

  13. I’m a child and I already know so much about art what paper to use what markers are good shading and blending but…..

    I’m horrible at art I’ve been trying to learn how to get better I’m a small YouTuber and when I’m really good at art I’ll have a art channel drawing with waffles has inspired me sooooo much and I’ve been watching her ever since I stared to see my love in art and even though I’m horrible at art I’m going to keep going

  14. I like the white freckles because the character gives me like cupcake/donut vibes, and the white freckles are like powered sugar! It reminds me of a movie character also

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