Why I Love Candid Photography and What is My Favourite Candid Camera?

Why I Love Candid Photography and What is My Favourite Candid Camera?

Candid Photography is one of “Photography Genre” that become my favorite “Photography Genre” The idea of “Candid” is “Unpose”. Meaning, the subject is not posing (to the camera). The subject is not knowing that their photo are being taken. The photographer would be better if “invinsible”, blend in with the environment. My favourite places for candid photography in Kuala Lumpur Is the tourist destination place such as “Bukit Bintang” and “KLCC” And I often to took candid photo in public transport on my way to work or when I’m returning from work. For the subject, usually I’m looking the strong character from the scene that I’m seeing on that place. Like this … 🙂 “Candid Photography Equipment” I’m using different kind of camera for candid photography camera with zoom (lens) compact camera and my favourite … smartphone’s camera “Why smartphone’s camera?” Smartphone camera is the camera that (usually) we carry everywhere in every day The specification and image quality … is close to compact camera or perhaps (some other claimed) close to DSLR so it’s really suitable for candid camera “Know Your Smartphone’s Feature!” “Know Your Smartphone’s Feature!”

One of the most important point … One of the most important point … know your smartphone’s feature for example, the smartphone that I’m using … there are tricks how to access the camera from the screen-off (condition) Here is how to do it … press “Volume Down” button twice to turn-on the screen and the camera … to take photo, press “Volume Down” button once … then press “Power” button once to turn-off the screen (and the camera) It’s easy and handy, isn’t it? “Candid Gallery”

Ok, now I present to you some of my candid capture … as long as I live in KL (Kuala Lumpur) in gallery … “KL People Candid” enjoy … and see you in next episode … don’t forget to subscribe to this channel to follow my next videos … thank you (for watching) and see you next time … “Candid Photography is a Form of Art”

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