WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY in Ecuador (a7R4 + 200-600 G)

WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY in Ecuador (a7R4 + 200-600 G)

so I kind of broke my own rule one, oh my
God he’s right there he’s right there he’s right there good morning everybody and welcome back
to the channel and more excitingly welcome back to Ecuador today’s video is
all business we’ve been at this location for four days now yeah about four days
and I’ve been scouting out quite a bit and I know where certain things are
hiding that I want a photograph so there’s three targets specifically that
I want to hopefully get today the first target many of you who know me knows
that hands-down my favorite group of birds are Warblers I think it’s the
perfect difficulty to photograph and they’re just all colorful and beautiful
and I didn’t want to focus too much on Warblers here because there are a
handful of tropical ones that I’ve never seen before but you know I focus a lot
on Warblers when I’m home so I didn’t want to focus too heavily on them this trip but
there is a group of Tropical Parulas that are hanging out in the area and I
know exactly where they feed so.. sorry if I’m looking around it’s cuz so many
sounds and I’m trying to find snakes I haven’t seen any snakes yet but yeah so
I know one location where the tropical parula is hanging out so I’m hoping to
get a photo of them another species that I’m targeting today is the
white-whiskered hermit and this species all Hermits really when I was in Belize
the long billed hermit did the exact same thing they would go to the
hummingbird feeders and feed but they would never hang around they would just
dart off into the forest and they would perch somewhere in the forest luckily I
found a place where over the last three days I’ve seen Hermits go back to over
and over again and they’re always bickering and fighting with each other
so I think I have a pretty good chance of getting a photo over there and for my
last target I’m gonna put my tripod down I’m gonna give you guys a little story
time here so the first day we got here my girlfriend and I were walking on the
trail and at one point she just screams armadillo and right in front of me a
little baby armadillo pops out and it pops out about a foot away from the
tripod so I just grabbed the camera I pointed downwards and I’m trying to
focus on it it’s too close way too close for minimum focusing distance so I got
these award-winning shots off and I think the motion blur in the photos
conveys the panic of the photographer very well so obviously nothing usable
and then he just took off into the forest I’ve been coming out every day
trying to get photos of him and it’s seriously like a game of cat and mouse
with these baby armadillos there’s two that I’ve seen so far together there
might be more I’m not too sure but something that happens with armadillos
is one on the trail they really don’t move
until the last seconds and they’re so hard to see so they’ve probably given me
two or three heart attacks already where you’re just walking at the last second
they just dart off they dart into the forest so I have a couple images of some
armadillo booty but not really what I’m after
although cute not really after that so if they can get some photos of them
hopefully they wait around long enough that can maybe take some video too but
for now I just want one decent photo of an armadillo alright let’s go look
around and see what we can find right behind me here is the
white-whiskered hermit site they’re zipping in and out you might be able to
hear them in the video the hummingbird feeders are about a kilometer up that
way so they’re actually traveling pretty far to come and land and I’m sure
they’re getting some flowers along the way here in the jungle but I’m just
gonna set up here wait see exactly where they’re landing and then hopefully get a
photo so stay tuned so it’s not even ten minutes later and I think I already have
the shot I think there’s three individual Hermits that are coming in
but they’re all fighting for the same spot on the same perch so I got these
photos it’s a little bit dark but got the photos anyways and I think it’s
gonna be a bit of a waste of time if I wait around to get more because they’re
all going for the same perch so I mean I don’t think I can get much variation in
the shots that I can get from that so since I already have these I’m pretty
happy with them and it’s my first real hermit in the jungle photo so I’m very
happy about that I’ve been doing these trails now for about
three hours and so far no luck with the Parulas they’re not in the usual spot
that I saw them in and no luck with the armadillos either so I’ll probably head
back to the cabins now have a quick bite to eat have a coffee and right in front of
the cabins there is a garden so I have seen parulas there in the past so
hopefully try to get a photo there but if not I’m going to return this
afternoon try to find these armadillos and try to find some Parulas so this is the little garden right in front
of the cabins and just took a photo of the tropical parula there were two that
came in and they were jumping around these papaya trees over here we got the
tropical parula so that’s another target off of our list and on the side
over here up top there was actually Blackburnian Warblers and the three
striped Warbler I believe nice little Warbler spot right here I wasn’t
expecting that so I just came down this trail over here
and as I came down and turned the corner the baby armadillo was right on the
trail and took off I’ll go show you what he was doing yeah it’s kinda hard to see
but all over here the soil is a little bit darker so he was right over
here digging so I kind of broke my own rule… oh my god he’s right there, he’s right there he’s right there Oh God well that’s that’s horrible
timing just as I take out my camera to tell you guys what’s going on I was
waiting here for about 20 minutes waiting for him to come out in the same
spot and only comes off the second I take out my vlogging camera and my
cameras back there I could have ran back and grab my camera and tried to get a
photo but he was walking away so you know not really a good photo opportunity
but man oh and you know what sucks is I even broke my own rule coming here so
behind me here that’s the trail that I just came down and it veers off here to
the side and one thing that I like doing in the forest especially is if you can’t
see the continuation of the trail always take it super slowly because what ends
up happening is there’s ground birds there’s sometimes mammals like that
there could be snakes on the ground and the second you turn the corner and they
see that movement they might be gone so take the corners really slowly peek
around yeah I know I’m trying to decide if I should go to follow the
armadillo you know that’s one thing I’ve been struggling with on this trip and it
is pretty hard to decide is you know if I was back home a situation like this
there’s a fresh dig I just saw the animal I would probably scope this area
out for you know five six seven hours and I wouldn’t mind just staying in one
place but on a trip like this I’ve never been to Ecuador and it’s tough it’s a
tough sell to to stay in one place for six or seven hours and try to get one
photo when there’s so much around so I’m trying to think now whether I go or not
it’s kind of difficult but he is kind of small so how far could a baby armadillo
actually go I think when I grab my camera I head back up there and
hopefully not get a photo of the but this has now turned into operation no
armadillo bootie let’s go and just like that the chase has just gotten a little
bit more difficult so this is where we came from and there’s one trail option
to trail options three trail options so if you were an armadillo which trail
would you take right it could be the right decision. Straight could lead me
straight to the armadillo and left could be a good choice because I have nothing
left to lose Oh oh actually I see him he’s straight ahead
okay okay putting you guys away okay so he was
actually straight ahead which led me straight to the armadillo it’s on the
side of the trail right now digging I’m gonna try to get a couple of far away
shots dial in my settings and then slowly make my way over he just moved to around the corner just
a bit which is actually good cuz there’s better light over there so now I’m gonna
slowly make my way over hopefully not make any noise and get that shot but
he’s so cute he’s so adorable I hope you guys enjoyed this video I was
lucky enough to go 3 for 3 on the targets for today and saw some pretty
cool birds otherwise so thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next
video happy birding

38 thoughts on “WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY in Ecuador (a7R4 + 200-600 G)”

  1. Hey! A baby Armadillo was definitely not on my list of species to photograph before leaving to Ecuador. But I'm very glad I was able to see one. I love those unexpected photography moments! Hope you enjoyed and happy birding πŸ™‚

  2. Another excellent video, and outstanding images, enjoy the rest of your trip and keep the videos coming. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. Congrats with amazing shots of these stunning birds and this lovely animal Armadillo. Very nice to watch your movies. Wonderful moments you share.
    Best regards, Knut.

  4. Hey Stef, that baby Armadillo is so cute. Seeing one of its kind for the first time. Thanks for sharing your wonderful time with this guy and the birds. Wating for more such content. Enjoy the trip.

  5. Really nice video Stefano! It looks like bird heaven this place. I can totally understand your excitement πŸ™‚ By the way, its awesome to see how your videos improve. Great job! Keep them coming.

  6. Curious as to why you're shooting at such high iso's? Your video looked a little blown out then I see your photos and they too are a little over exposed. I see your posted settings for the stills and your at 1600, 1/125th, F6.3 on birds sitting on branches? Why not open that 200-600 up to F5.6, put that iso down to 100, and shoot at like 1/20th? Granted I'm not there, and I know the canopy creates some shadows, but if you shoot RAW and try and keep your iso at 100 you're going to have the full 15 stops of dynamic range that the A7RIV is capable of, and you're going to get a lot more from your pics.

    Unless I'm missing something.

    Awsome video aside from the exposure IMO, looks like a lot of fun.

  7. Hi Stefano. What a amazing video, congratulations. Can you do a tutorial of bird photography? Or give me a little tips for that. Thank you, greetings from colombia

  8. Dear Stefano, I absolutely love the pictures you're getting while in Ecuador! I recently upgraded to the A7R IV and had the 200-600 (previously on the A7III) but am experiencing a pretty annoying issue. Pretty much every shot has some sort of blur/unshaprness, especially noticable at 1:1 in Lightroom. I've tested at many shutter speeds, even 1/2500+ but this doesn't seem to matter. I was wondering if it's possible for you to provide me and/or the viewers with a few RAW images so I can verify the issue? This would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

  9. Love your enthusiasm. Also did you ever try the HECS clothing I hear it’s especially effective for concealment from birds.

  10. I've been intrigued by your Ecuador series, as my wife is a native Ecuadorian (Quito). She goes back every winter to visit family, so I'm going to go with her December 2020 to do some bird photography. Tandayapa and Cosanga look like interesting places to me, and not too far from Quito. But, I keep seeing the Magic Birding Circuit listed online when I research those areas, and it seems that the lodges in those areas want you to go on predesigned tours with other photographers. I want to be on my own, or perhaps with a hired guide from time to time. I'm looking for just a room, or a room and meal package. Did you stay at places where you could sleep and eat, and otherwise go out on your own? And do you have any that you'd be willing to share? I haven't seen a video yet where you discuss lodgings and food, though it's possible I simply missed it somewhere πŸ™‚

  11. Amazing again and well done on all your captures πŸ‘
    I'm still watching plenty of video on the a7r4 😩🀯πŸ€ͺ

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