Xiaomi Mi 9T vs Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro – “REAL Camera Comparison! [Eng Subs]

Xiaomi Mi 9T vs Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro – “REAL Camera Comparison! [Eng Subs]

Hello guys! I am Vagelis Minas from Unboxing Lab and you are watching the camera comparison between Xiaomi Mi 9T and Xiaomi Mi 9T, let’s begin! 1080p video at 30fps and from the screens of the phones I can’t spot any difference Let’s test the autofocus also I can’t spot any difference But of course this is reasonable, because the the sensor.. is almost the same, the only true difference is that the IMX586 of the Mi 9T pro can record 4k video at 60fps while the IMX582 of the Mi 9T can only record 4k video at 30fps otherwise seems that there isn’t any other difference between the sensors Let’s test the image stabilization really guys the stabilization is very good in both devices as well on Mi 9 Let’s take the same shot but this time at 1080p 60fps to be honest I never liked the 60fps video, the movements seems unnatural to me, I prefer the 30fps video again, the shots seems to be the same but is good to know that the mi 9t pro runs newer software version just this software version didn’t released yet for the Mi 9T so maybe this is the reason if there is any slight difference between the two smartphones Let’s test again the image stabilization again the results are the same, let’s move on to 4k 4k 30fps this is the max settings for mi 9t, because neither the IMX582 or the SD730 supports 4k 60fps again the results seems to me similar at least from the phone’s screens you can comment if you spot any differences Let’s test again the image stabilization nice now we have the Mi 9T at 4k 30fps and the Mi 9T Pro at 4k 60fps the obvious difference is in the motion Let’s test the image stabilization enough running for today i think you got an idea and here we record video with the ultra wide lens the secondary sensors in both devices are exactly the same the quality is pretty good when the light conditions are good of course but for sure the results are not comparable with the results from the main camera let’s try the video with the telephoto in this case you must have very steady hands and also the light conditions to be good lets see some photo samples As you can see, the photos are almost identical and any differences observed are due to the slightly different shooting angle between the devices. As for the Slow motion video, once again the results are similar with the only difference to be the color reproduction It is time to test the cameras on low light conditions to be honest I can’t spot any differences from the phone’s screens maybe at the beginning a difference in the white balance apart from that, both the details and the noise levels seems to me the same let’s try again the autofocus now the difference in white balance is very obvious the dynamic range is also the same if you check the street lights that’s all from the main camera, let’s try the video with the selfie as expected the results with the selfie are almost.. identical something that I also believe for the main camera That’s enough, lets see some photo samples In low light conditions we notice that the mi 9t has more yellowish colors while the mi 9t pro has better white balance although the quality of the shots such as sharpness, noise and dynamic range, are the same that shows us that their difference is software matter and as i mentioned before 9t pro runs a newer software version. As for the night mode, I find it to be behind the competition, and in combination with the fact that sometimes you need to hold the devices steady for several seconds, sometimes the shots are shaky Really watching and re-watching the shots on my pc I came to the conclusion that the cameras of the two devices are essentially the same and that the differences observed are only in the color reproduction in the video and the white balance in the night shots and not in the other quality Characteristics such as sharpness, Noise and Dynamic Range I think that this is a software matter because as I mentioned before 9t pro is running a newer version. Final conclusion No, the Mi 9T has no worse camera than the Mi 9T Pro as you ask me a lot, and I’ve already mentioned it in previous videos. So, that was the camera comparison between the Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro You can find the link to download the photo samples and also link to buy these devices, if you want to support my channel on the video’s description. Also, if you want to be notified immediately about each new offers and coupons subscribe to our Telegram channel. What are your thoughts about the camera performance of the two devices? Leave a comment with your opinion and of course if you enjoyed the video don’t forget to Like Subscribe and click the notification bell, so that you don’t miss any of my new videos

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  2. Hello,I come from the Andrea Cappelletti community. Great tutorial!🤩👍New friend and like..If you like to return, come and see me🥰

  3. According to my observation in the daylight mi, 9 t is a bit better in telephoto and ultra-wide mode while the pro version is better in regular mode 48 mp daylight. In night mode l think the pro version is clearly more successful in terms of processing colors correctly and reflecting them more naturally…

  4. Awesome, REAL comparison. Thank you very much! Not sure if you could tell, but coming from an HTC U11, would the camera on the Xiaomi 9t be better than the U11?
    Thank you!

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